Discerning Differences Between Military Branches

           There are five branches of the military and it is important to know which one is best suited for you before enlisting. All five branches work in conjunction to accomplish the ultimate goals of the United States government, but there are key differences that set each branch apart from the others.

             The Army and Navy are the largest branches of the military. These two branches have been around the longest in America’s history. The Army encompasses all land military activities. With such a large filed of coverage, there are many job opportunities available to soldiers. The Army has over 100 jobs available for soldiers and span over six of the seven continents. The Navy has an even larger area to cover. The oceans of the world cover almost 70 percent of the Earth. The navy is in charge of controlling the seas and allowing for quick deployment of the rest of the military and ballistics. Because of their large area of coverage, many people join these two branches in order to see the world.

            The Marines are the “jack-of-all-trades” in the military. Marines are normally the first ones on the battlefield and the last ones off. Marines are often charged with reconnaissance and then establishing bases in enemy territory. Because of the steep challenges that face the Marines, they are often seen as the toughest branch of the military. Many people join the Marines for the respect brought on by having a tough training and challenging standards.

            The Air Force is one of the newest branches of the military.  The Air Force is challenged to provide air support on the battlefield as well as remote deployment of troops and supplies. Another task given to the Air Force is the space program and long-range missiles. The Air Force is more about brain than it is about brawn. Air Force soldiers must have a comprehensive knowledge of math, science, and mechanics in order to help maintain operations.

            The Coast Guard is the final branch of the military and is often seen as the “unsung heroes” in the military. The Coast Guard is challenged to do exactly as their name says, guard the United States coast. Many times this means contending against drug smugglers and international pirates. In some areas this means carrying out search and rescue operations to find stranded boaters. While the Coast Guard does not often get deployed into overseas combat situations, they still provide a vital service to help maintain America’s freedoms.

            Before enlisting it is important to evaluate your own strengths and then decide what kind of a future you are looking for. Talking to recruiters may help in the search as they often will help solidify your decision or refer you to a branch that may be better suited for you. Before enlisting please visit the website todaysmilitary.com for further information on each branch including available jobs and length of each branch’s training programs.


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